Welcome to our travel agent Program. Book packages, tours, activities and transfers for your customers, and get a commission! 

More information about our travel agent program:
1. Travel Agents can book easily a wide range of Travel Experiences (Packages, Sightseeing tours, activities, etc) and Ground Transportation. 
2. Travel Agents get a commission on all services (packages, transfers, tours and activities). 
3. We offer extra Incentives to the best selling agencies 
Should you have questions, please contact us
Give your customers access to a great selection of in-destination activities and ground transportation. From sightseeing tours in top cities to amazing adventure packages, from airport transfers to island hopping packages.


Through www.greecing.com, you can create for your customers, their desired island hopping package in Greece. You can easily browse through accommodation options and categories, add or remove nights in the selected destinations, choose their preferred ways of transportation, and add relative tours to any destination they want.

We will also offer you the unique chance to interact with your package, participate in their editing, and finally agree with our agents to a final version of the itinerary. This procedure is really fast and hassle-free.

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Enjoy extra revenue by working with GREECING Travel Agent program!!

Welcome to our travel agent Program. You can book easily a wide range of travel services in Greece and the Greek islands.
Use our unique online booking engine online booking engine to plan day by day a dream journey for your customer through the Greek islands and earn extra commission! You don’t have to know the destination, our system will help you prepare the perfect holiday package as a real destination specialist. Book more tours, activities, holiday packages and transfers for your customers, and immediately get extra revenue!

All our tours include the most important destinations in Greece and we can also customize travelers specific expectation!

Travel Agents get a 10% commission on all transfers and 8% on all tours, holiday packages and activities. We offer extra Incentives to the best selling agencies!

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After Registration, you will receive a unique travel agent code. Use this code to book tours and attractions on Greecing and to get commissions (or net prices / discounts) on all our products.

1st Option
  • -Pay with your agency’s credit card, or via bank transfer.
  • -We shall charge you (your agency’s credit card or the bank transfer to us) the net amount after deducting your discount.
  • -You collect your commission immediately.
2st Option
  • -Pay with the customer’s credit card.
  • -You can request to be paid by check anytime.
  • -We can credit the commission to your company's credit card once your account reaches 30 EURO.


Booking for larger groups is as easy as booking for one person. It also offers you more opportunities for bigger commissions.

Should you have questions, please contact us!

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