When is the best time to travel to greek islands?

The ideal time to visit is in general between mid March to mid October when the weather is warmer.

I have already been to some of the Greek islands. I wish to do something different this time. Has anybody tried the fly and drive programs to the Peloponese?

The fly & drive programs are ideal for those who wish to discover a different face of the Greek sceneries and archaeological heritage. These programs enable the traveler to discover Greece on its own pace and reveal the most authentic parts of Greece.

Are there regular departures for the island hopping packages?

The island hopping packages are individual packages that can be customized according the special requirements of each traveller. That means that they are adjusted according to your arrival and departure details.

Do your programs and rates include international flights.

No, programs do not include international flights. First of all that would not be possible since travelers may arrive from wherever in the world and that means a variable cost that could be calculated or measured. Secondly, we strongly advise our clients to purchase their international tickets from their local agent, i.e. from an agent operating within the country from where the flight origins. Usually tickets are cheaper when purchased at the country where the initial flight iriginates. However, if for any reason a client would demand such a service we would be glad to offer it, suggesting each time the best buy fares along with smooth airschedules.

Can I extend or reduce my stay in any of the destinations included in the packages offered?

All packages are individual packages and can be adjusted to your requirements, thus enabling you to exted or reduce your stay in whichever of the destinations according to your wishes.

What type of rooms are offered in each hotel category?

The room types offered are the standard type of room in each hotel category.

What kind of boats are included in the island hopping packages?

Normal boats (Blue Star Ferry) are included in the island hopping packages. However, we can offer high speed, fast boat tickets with a supplement

What is the procedure to reserve a package?

When you are ready to reserve a program, we shall email you with the reservation contract (including payment conditions). Then you will be requested to fill in the contract, sign it and return it by fax or email to our premisses. Once we receive the document, we intiate our reservation procedure. As soon as everything is reserved and in order we will give you final confirmation, deduct payment and email vouchers.

Once I reserve how do I get vouchers and other travel related documents involved in my trrip such as boat or air tickets?

Upon your arrival, our driver will wait for you at the exit gate of your flight. Upon your transfer he will give a complete file containing all travel documents involved such as tickets, vouchers, maps, itineraries.